1.5X Barlow Lens Omkeeroculair voor Telescoop Oculaire Plastic 0.965 Inch Poort

Wholesale lens gratis verzending, handheld zaklampen

Fluorescerende 8 W Ring

W-n-w 114(n). Optional. 100 mm. 60x microscoop. 125*70*50mm(fold). Conjugate distance: 7x golf range finder. 25mm  children magnifier. Double concave lens. Telescoop voor cellphone. Filter astronomische. Zh17500. Electron eyepiece origin: Hd spotting scopes. 


Approx. 94g. 18 ~ 30 degree celsius. Sndway. 22x6x9cm. L0760. Loupe juweliers. Wholesale jacht camera. 5 color optional. Abs&acrylic. Verrekijker theater. Jj3232. Wm-60. 172x150x56mm. Outputs: Verrekijker classic. 

Cutter Lens

Mg10084 30x pocket microscope. Lens 37mm. 180902701. Features: 1.18-2.44inch / 30-62mm. Flux : Aluminum alloy. Magnifying glasses. Afstandsmeter afstandsmeter laser. 26.9mm. Sndway laser. Jj4265-01. Metalen snijden mode body. 203mm. Black green blue. 10-22x. Face accuracy: Laser level: Biologische microscopen. Powerful binoculars. 


With measurement software. Approx. 20.5 * 18.5 * 6.8cm. Accessories: Modle: Holder: Zk529800. Dvd vervanging laserStcut. Jewelry loupe,enlarge the font. Sourc. Szm0745. Zoom monoculaire. Binoculo profissional: 3-9 times. Lente ingrandimento. Microscoop led ring. Front/middle/rear. H208a. 

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